5 Years Old

Photo credit: Caroline's Cakes.

Photo credit: Caroline’s Cakes.

My blog is 5 years old this week!

If we all lived in the same neighbourhood, I’d invite everyone over for ice cream and devil’s food cake. (Seriously, though – doesn’t this cake look delicious?)

Let’s talk about some blog business.

On a silly note, by far the most unique phrase that has lead someone to this blog over the past year was synonym for stepping on toes that starts with u. I still haven’t been able to think of any words that fit those criteria.

It looks like my Link Love section needs to be updated . If you’d like to have your site included in it, leave a comment below.

I’ve been busy writing my next book. I’ll leave the details a mystery until I’m further along in the process, but I think you’re going to love what I’m working on.

My mailing list has been sorely neglected these past few years. Can anyone offer advice on how to restart an old mailing list? I’d like to get back into the habit of sending it out occasionally again.

On a more personal note, what have been your favourite posts from this blog over the past year? Share them below if you have any.

Thank you all for reading my blog over the years. I really appreciate all of your comments and links to my site.


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