Be Anything You Want, but Be Nice About It

If I ever wrote a self-help book, the entire gist of it would fit into one page.

Be a critic.

Be talented.

Be a coffee snob.

Be a talented critic.

Be a devout Atheist.

Be a weekend warrior.

Be an incorrigibly skeptical Christian.

Be a couch potato the other five days of the week.

Be a hipster, but only when you can pull it off ironically.

Be one of those weird people who regularly strikes up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the subway.

Be one of those even weirder people who enjoys talking to strangers on the subway. Lean in and ask questions to keep the conversation rolling when someone comments on your cute dog.

Be anything you want to be.

Just be nice about it.

What does being nice mean?

I’ll tell you on Thursday. 😉

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