Cabin Fever Relief

Mid-to-late February is the most restless and irritable time of year. The excitement of the holidays has long since ebbed away, the new year has lost its baby fat and spring seems to be a thousand years away.

On a more personal note, this is also the time of year when respiratory infections like the flu or a cold affect me the worst. I’ve been fairly healthy this winter but due to these experiences I’ll trudge though the next few weeks with a tinge of dread.

Yes, average winter temperatures in Vancouver do tend to be warmer than what people in Ontario or the midwest in the United States generally experience but it has been much colder than normal here recently and we are expecting a big storm in the next few days.

Cabin Fever Relief

I haven’t found that many indoor activities that quell cabin fever to be honest. It’s something that seems to need time (and a lot of outdoor time once spring does arrive!) more than anything else.

These activities are good distractions, though:

  • Visiting friends.
  • Organizing and cleaning out the house room by room.
  • Sorting out and donating unused possessions. (There’s something so cathartic about helping others and freeing up some space!)
  • Watching highly-anticipated movies.
  • Researching upcoming trips.
  • Planning this years garden or other outdoor, time-intensive hobbies.
  • Fixing or replacing items that you’ll need in the near future.
  • Visiting the library for new books, DVDs, magazines and information on upcoming community events.
  • Meditating.

How do you cope with the restlessness of late winter?

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  1. I live inside most of the time, so Cabin Fever isn’t a big issue with me. Since I live in the same basic climatic zone that you do, here’s what I do when even I get a little stir crazy: I plan in the rain. 🙂

    Yes, it definitely HAS been a bit cold these last few days. Last night it snowed, but it all melted off by mid-day today. It will probably repeat this pattern tonight and tomorrow. I should go downstairs to get the fireplace going. There’s nothing like curling up to the glow of a crackling fire on a colder than normal winter’s night.

    • Interesting! I didn’t know that you spent most of your time indoors. Is it something you’ve done for a long time?

      It would be so nice to have a fireplace to curl up next to. I’m a little jealous of yours. 🙂

      • Between my various physical impairments and my social anxiety issues, my “world” is a lot safer in my cave (2nd floor of my house). There are many days in which the closest I get to the outdoors is letting my cat in or out of the house.

  2. Visiting the library for new books, DVDs, magazines and information on upcoming community events is what i usually do

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