Coping with Writer’s Block

Photo by Iain Thompson.

The good news: I just finished writing the first short story I will be selling here in the near future! The first scene is loosely based on something strange that happened to me years ago and I’ve been playing around with Elle, the main character, for a long time. This is a scifi/fantasy tale about a girl who makes a series of peculiar discoveries in her backyard after being awoken late one night by an eerie sound.

Next up is a final re-write and then formatting it for sale. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

The bad news: My words are coagulating.

Writer’s block. The bane of my existence. 😉

I picture it as a massive ball of half dried out clay clogging a drainage pipe. It isn’t a complete seal. Some words trickle through the mud but I can hear many more stories and articles sloshing around back there.

Now to figure out how to clear this pipe. There must be something good at the other end.

Any advice, readers?


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  1. daphnepurpus

    Can’t wait for your short story! That is very exciting! As far as writer’s block, not sure I have any new suggestions, but I have enjoyed various writing prompts or random word generators just to get started and get something flowing. That being said, I’m in a similar spot and I blame my novel revisions for the fact that I haven’t written anything new. Good luck clearing the pipe!

  2. Mark

    This is just a suggestion. Shelf the whole writing for a while and put your full attention somewhere else. Then after a chapter in your real life has passed, revisit the whole writing.

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