Suggestion Saturday: August 25, 2012

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, quotes and videos from my favourite corners of the web.

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” ― Maya Angelou

How to Talk to People in Wheelchairs. This is good stuff. I’ve wondered about the etiquette of helping someone who is in a wheelchair before. It’s not a topic that’s brought up in conversation very often and as someone who has never been in this experience it can be difficult to know what to do. I’d never want to offend anyone by asking a dumb question or overstepping my bounds.

From How Easy Is It to Spread Disinformation?

 …are we really aware of all information flowing up over the net? What is really true and what’s not? When someone presents a bit of loose facts on Twitter, I usually respond with something like ”64% of the facts on the Internet is 48% incorrect according to 52% of respondents”, completely made up numbers out of my head, but it makes people think a little extra.

It is somewhat disturbing at times when the bandwagon takes off and speeds up, without people being critical.

 9 Billion Years of the Universe Condensed into 80 Seconds. The best dream I’ve ever had involved billions of years of time travel. I started out as myself and travelled back in time (glimpsing scenes from multiple lifetimes, human and otherwise) to a time in which there were no planets or galaxies, just the matter that would one day create it. This video was the next best thing to experiencing that dream again.

Truer words were never spoken from Post-Posting Depression:

So keep on writing, and keep on posting.  Know that the most important and meaningful posts you write are the ones that may not get you big fat numbers but that touch our hearts so deeply that we can’t express ourselves.

Agnostic, Atheist, Deist and Humanist readers, my friend Bruce needs your help:

Above all, I am going to need atheists, agnostics, humanists, and deists who are willing to join the Leaving the Faith Forum and be a help to those who are contemplating leaving Christianity or who have already left Christianity. You must be patient and kind, willing to guide people rather than throw information at them.

The forums will be private and are scheduled to launch on October 1. I hope to see all of you there. The more perspectives we can give people struggling with their beliefs the easier their journeys will be. More than anything I wish something like this had been around for me when I deconverted. I’m in a wonderful place now but some of the intervening years were pretty lonely.

Gathering Blue and Messenger are the sequels to the book I mentioned last week, The Giver. Gathering Blue introduces an entirely new set of characters who live in a hell on earth. Society has crumbled and everyone left is scrambling to survive. People who are disabled, weak or injured are routinely left to die. Enter a disabled orphan named Kira whose incredible skill at weaving is the only thing keeping her alive. Messenger is the continuing story of what happens to certain characters from the first two books.

What have you been reading?

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  1. I liked the wheelchair post. I deal with many wheelchair folks each day. It was good to read one opinion. Maybe I will ask other folks if they agree.

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