December 2013 Search Engine Questions

Photo by Mbruciak.

Photo by Mbruciak.

Sometimes readers find this blog through unusual search terms. Here are my responses to the ones that showed up last month. 

How do you solicit a donation from Go here.

Can I keep my child away from his grandparents in Ontario? So far yes. It’s very, very sad when it happens, but this is one of those things that should be worked out without outside influences. It’s not our place to judge how other people live. ,Whether the parents were justified in their decision or not the truth always comes out eventually. Kids are intelligent, and by the time they reach adulthood they’ll know if they were being protected from extremely dangerous relatives or sheltered from loving, caring ones. (Or some shade of grey between the two).

How long does it take to forgive a friend? Between 30 seconds and a lifetime.

How to forgie someone without saying it? I can only assume you’re part of this family and want to know how to add to it.

Option #1: If you have a uterus and would like to use it, ask someone you know and trust to lend you some sperm. With any luck you’ll have a baby by next autumn. And babies don’t talk.

Option #2: Marry someone who doesn’t speak.

Option #3: Adopt one or more children, but never teach them how to pronounce your last name.


When shouldn’t you wear eye liner? When you know you’ll be applying it with a shaky hand.

Is “on the other hand” a metaphor? Technically it’s an idiom. I picked that name for my blog because I want my readers to look at issues from every angle. Few things annoy me more than black and white world thinking. Yes, I realize it’s a little bit of a contradiction, but I have trouble being patient with people who think that their way is the only one.

Should a pastors kid be better than other children?  I understand the urge to set a good example, but that’s a ton of pressure to place on someone who has no say in the matter. It’s better, I think, to focus on your own behaviour. That’s all any of us can actually control.

What is Wes Moores attitude toward wearing uniform? I’d imagine that he’s in favour of it. If I ever meet him in person I will ask him!

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