Fall 2011 Questions

Search engine queries from the last few months.

1.How to be a totally natural woman? Avoid whatever is unnatural for you. In my case it is makeup and high heels!

2. How to deal with over talkative people? Sit back and enjoy the show. I love listening to talkative folks because it’s so easy to figure out what makes them tick. If the one-way conversation really bothers you, though, just politely ask for some quiet.

3. Who is Lydia Schoch? A few words and phrases to describe me: ex-Christian, preacher’s kid, writer, day dreamer, nature lover and a nonconformist six ways to Sunday. Want to know more? Just ask.

4. What to say when someone says, “you’re brave”? Thank you.

5. Small talk is so inane. Why do people do it? They enjoy it. There is also something to be said for sticking to light topics with someone you’ve just met although I’m always relieved to reach the point where more meaningful stuff can be discussed.

6. Why [do] adults stop playing? They’re too busy doing other things, feel too old to do something so “childish” or have forgotten how important it is.

7. I don’t like wearing makeup but what should I do at special occasions? Continue not to wear it. Wear a really nice outfit or have your hair professionally styled if you enjoy that sort of stuff.

8. Apartment smells like last tenant. This, too, shall pass.

9. Is there unbiased news? Anything is possible, I suppose. But never ever trust any reporter or news organization who claims that they’re giving you the unvarnished truth. They aren’t.

10. Who was John Howard – Christian hero? A prison reformer in England in the 1700s.

11. Why is sex acceptable? You (probably) wouldn’t be around to ask this question if your parents thought it was unacceptable. And honestly there are far more interesting things in this world to think about than what other people do in bed! Like, for example, what you do in bed. 😉

12. Men wearing eyeliner and mascara… should come visit Toronto. I can all but guarantee that no one will bat an eye. If you’re particularly good at applying it a stranger might even ask for advice!

13. What is inside the mind of a quiet person? We’ll never tell.

14. What is the emotional difference between compassion and fixing someone else? Codependence.

15. Can someone spy through my ceiling or floor of my apartment? Yes. It probably isn’t happening to you, though.

16. Is it wrong to seriously doubt my faith? No. You could easily find that a little intellectual exploration was all you needed to reconfirm your faith.  And nothing that falls apart under closer examination is worth believing anyway.

17. Can you forgive someone and still not like them? Most definitely.

18. When someone says they’re purple? Believe them.

19. Can non-theist[s] be ethical? We’re every bit as (un)ethical as theists. That is, you cannot tell how ethical someone is by whether or not they believe in god. There are (un)ethical people in every group.

20. Reasons women shouldn’t shave their legs.

  • You hate doing it.
  • It’s October. No one (other than your SO, if you have one) will see that part of your body for the next six months.
  • You really hate doing it.

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  1. 20.  Next month is No Shave November.  Just sayin.

  2. Sarah B.

    Love your answer to number 13!

  3. 'Seph

    I like question/answer 19.

    I’ve always liked seeing from a different point of view.
    Un-theists/Non-theists don’t need to be threatened to behave…. 🙂

  4. 'Seph

    (Ahhh, crap! I can’t edit my own posts!)

    I had wanted to write:  “Un-theists/Non-theists/Mu-theists…”

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