Family Day Is For Everyone

Family Day is Ontario’s newest statutory holiday. We’re still figuring out how to observe it as a province as it’s only been around since 2007.

Most of the businesses that advertise special discounts or events for it concentrates on families with young children.

I’m hoping that this will evolve over time. Family Day is for everyone.

  • Single parents and their kid(s).
  • People who have one child.
  • People who have a dozen children.
  • Families whose kids are older or completely grown up.
  • Couples who never want to have children.
  • Couples who definitely do.
  • People who consider their pets part of the family.
  • Chosen families

Today I’m imagining what it would be like if more types of families were included in the advertisements of this holiday. Maybe there could be wine tastings, dog park parties, special performances at nursing homes, or dance competitions.

Here’s hoping.


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  1. You are awesome Lydia! Thanks for this, and Happy Family Day to you!

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