Finding Inspiration in Other People’s Work


Photo by Abrget47j.

I’ve been too busy writing this week to come up with a proper Thursday topic, so I thought I’d share one of my recent sources of inspiration instead.  Here is the photographer’s description of it:

The photo was taken after sunset at Cape Purakkari. There are glacial boulders in the picture. It was a stormy day at the Baltic Sea. Long exposure makes the waves look like mist.

The amazing thing about it to me is that it was taken of a completely ordinary place on Earth. Estonia to be precise.


When I look at it I see an alien world or a glimpse of what our planet might have looked like tens of millions of years ago. It would never occur to me to assume that the right equipment can make such a big difference in how something as ordinary as waves turns out.

Amazing stuff.

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  1. Michael Mock

    Very cool.

    • What do you think of when you look at that picture?

      • Michael Mock

        Tennessee. Part of my background is Cumberland Plateau area, and there were times when the clouds were low enough to be fog on the mountaintop… but if you got just below the level of the cliff, you came out under the fog, and it was just clouds above the valley.

        So this is like that part of Tennessee, only upside down.

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