Happy (Early) Canada Day

Gay_Canada_flagThis week I’ve celebrated or will be celebrating Pride Week, Canada Day, and the Fourth of July. Other than Halloween, the end of June and beginning of July is my favourite time of year because it’s so festive.

It’s really cool to walk down the street and see so many other LGBT people and straight allies enjoying everything that Pride Week has to offer. Sometimes it gets a little corporate and commercialized, but as someone who grew up in a community where it was most definitely not ok to be open about your life if you existed anywhere outside of the heterosexual, cisgendered bubble it still amazes me sometimes to see how things have changed and continue to change.

As a dual citizen, I love celebrating the birthdays of both of my countries. There’s no such thing as too many fireworks. 😀

If you observe any or all of these holidays, enjoy them!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a regular post.

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