How Do You Get Unstuck?

Photo credit: Khaydock.

Photo credit: Khaydock.

The characters in my latest work-in-progress have been giving me a terrible time over the past two months or so.

Every change I try to make to their storyline falls flat. I’m not satisfied with how the plot is currently flowing, though, due to some abrupt jumps between scenes that really need to be smoothed out in my opinion.

Fellow creative people, how do you get unstuck? I’m willing to try anything at this point!


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  1. Good question. I have the same problem with my WiP. I thought taking time off from it might help, but now I’m struggling to remember what I was thinking when I wrote what I have so far. I think a short break might be feasible, but then you should just write. Blindly, spontaneously and without a plan. See if you can come up with an idea among some verbal vomit. 🙂

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