How to Make Irrational Deals with Mother Nature

Photo credit: ForestWander.

Photo credit: ForestWander.

Ontario hasn’t had a warm or sunny spring so far by any stretch of the imagination.

It snowed yesterday. We’re supposed to get a little more snow today and later on this week.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m making irrational deals with Mother Nature.

March was chilly. Now April is cold and snowy as well. Does this mean that you’ll be giving us an unseasonable cool summer as well?

Every once in a while Ontario has a  warm, mild June that lasts until autumn. It’s glorious. My allergies are milder when that happens, and nobody has to experience the misery that is breathing in August humidity or sweating your way through a subway ride.

Mother Nature might be a metaphor, but I still say she owes us.  I’ll trade her one cold, wet spring for a beautifully cool summer.

Now to wait and see if she’ll accept it. 😉

What irrational things have you done recently?

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