If You Could Keep Only One Memory What Would It Be?

One Memory If you could keep only one memory what would it be? 

Thanksgiving, 1992.

All five members of my nuclear family are gathered around the table eating what we consider to be a feast: mashed potatoes, gravy, a meat of some kind ( probably chicken), pie for dessert. There were no doubt other delicious things on the table that evening as well, but those are the foods I’m fairly certain I remember.

I’m 8 in this memory, my brothers are nearly 6 and 3. Our family had very little money to spare in the early 90s, but we were together, we had a roof over our heads and our bellies always had something in them.

When everyone is finished eating mom and dad give me permission to bring my hamsters to the table. It feels wrong for them to be excluded from such a happy meal, and I want them to have a taste of our feast. In retrospect I wonder if eating people food was bad for their digestion, but at the time I adored watching their cheeks puff out as they devoured as many leftovers as they could stomach.

That was one of the happiest nights of my childhood. As much as I’d hate to lose the rest of my memories, I think the one I kept should be so full of love that it would make up a little bit for not having access to the rest of them.

How would you answer this question?





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