January 2014 Search Engine Questions

Sometimes readers find this blog through funny or unusual search terms. Here are my responses to the ones that showed up last month. 

What are some good small talk questions to ask kids? Let them lead the conversation. My nephew loves to talk about all kinds of stuff –  war, world history, how babies are made, sports, whether or not he can have another cookie before dinner. 😀

What is the best occupational category for a creator? Writer. Artist. Painter. Sculptor. Singer. Carpenter. Cook. Baker. Storyteller. Street performer.

How to bring up deconversion to friends? I wait until it comes up naturally in conversation.

Did you eat another candy cane snake? I’ve never eaten any of them.

How can you live with the only one sister who won’t forgive the other sister? Let them sort out their own relationship. It’s not your job to fix the entire world.

Is it ok not to be like children? Yes.

Is telling the truth gossip? It depends on your intentions and to what extend it is your business. Are you finding pleasure in someone else’s misfortune or disapproving of decisions they make that aren’t actually harming anyone else? Useless gossip. Are you warning an innocent third party about someone who is known to be dangerous? Possibly ok.  Deciding if you have enough evidence to call CPS or to convince a frail, elderly relative to get outside help before someone gets seriously hurt? Go for it.


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