“Nature Has a Much Simpler Economy…”

Our own economy tells us to take as much as we can get, right? Our own economy says, you’re going to be the most successful graduate if you go into the business world and take as much you can get. That’s not how nature works. Nature has a much simpler economy. Everything in nature takes what it needs. That’s it. You don’t see an oak tree gathering up all the resources. An oak tree takes what it needs to be the authentic oak tree it is.

– Tom Shadyac

While there is competition in nature, there are also limits to how much any one individual plant or animal can consume.


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  1. Fred Schoch

    I just screwed up and lost a creatively expressed comment about the life lessons I’ve learned from having a vegetable garden. Then I went on to say how it was a poem about the cycles and relationship between the earth and sun which led Nicola Tesla to see and develop the way to harness alternating current. Nature was his main source of inspiration in his work to harness the earths natural magnetic and electric enegy. If it were not for mans greed we would not be dependent on fossil fuels today. His work and research was denied to continue for the sake of monetary gains by his financiers. A very sobering and disturbing thought. I also learned to log in to comment section before I make a comment or it would be lost forever into the digital abyss

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