After the Storm: Reader Feedback

I have a few different endings in mind for After the Storm, but to be honest I’m running low on ideas on how to get there from here.  What’s interesting is that I’m not having the same issue with my other writing projects!

Readers, what have you liked the most about this serial so far? What haven’t you liked? Do you have any suggestions at to where the plot should go next?


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3 Responses to After the Storm: Reader Feedback

  1. daphnepurpus

    I love this story, as you know. I really enjoy the suspense, and I think the community that Daphne and the others have set up is a wonderful example of what community should be. I have no clue where these government people are coming from but they seem to fit the all too common pattern of governments coming in and trampling what is there without any understanding and trying to force “better ways” onto people with no respect in a very supercilious manner. I’d love to see them get their comeuppance. I like the fact that Daphne and company are trying to gather more info and maybe they could be reconciled with Mariposa’s community and together stand up to the soldiers. Or maybe the soldiers are going to be in need of help and finally see that Daphne’s community has value. Or maybe Daphne’s community could find better land to settle in. I’d just really like the government to get out if they can’t be respectful, giving aid without strings attached, etc. I love the characters you have developed, especially Daphne, her sons, and Lemon. I want them to prosper. Don’t know if this helps at all. Whatever you decide will be wonderful and I know I will enjoy it!

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