New Short Story: Tumble

Tumble CoverMy new short story, Tumble, is now free to download from Kobo. I plan to publish to Kindle and iBooks in the future as well, but they both require a bunch of tax information that will take some time to collect so I’m starting with Kobo, which is also a great ebook option (aside from some technical difficulties with the actual publishing process, apparently). If you haven’t used Kobo before, you can install it for free on nearly any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, etc.). You can also purchase a dedicated Kobo eReader if you prefer an actual physical eReader.

The formatting of the title page may look a little off if you’re reading it on a smaller screen (such as a smartphone). We fixed all of the other bugs but weren’t able to take care of this one (well, not if I wanted to get it published this week anyway). The entire story is there, though!

Tumble is DRM-free, so you should be able to upload it to most ebook devices (definitely to any Kobo-compatible devices). I’d like to thank Daphne Purpus and Drew Costen for reading early drafts of my story,  giving such helpful suggestions, and other editing contributions.

One of my favourite things about reading science fiction short stories is learning about the experiences that sparked such creativity in these authors.

When I was a teenager, my family moved into a beautiful old house that was about a hundred years old. My bedroom was on the second story. Like Elle’s room, it faced a small backyard that we quickly converted into a garden.

A loud boom startled me in the middle of the night. It took me a long time to get back to sleep after that happened, and in the morning I walked out into the garden to see if anything had been damaged. Everything looked strangely normal, although I did find a little, green marble nestled in the soil.  I brought it inside and washed it off (and still own it to this day).

It hadn’t been there the day before, and by this point my younger brothers were a little too old for toys.


The mysterious marble I found

Such an old house had probably watched dozens of children grow up in it. The most rational answer is that one of them lost his or her marbles in the backyard years earlier and surfaced as a result of my parents digging around to make a garden.

What if that wasn’t what actually happened though?




Download Tumble for free from Kobo

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  1. Cool. Congratulations. Now that’s a real success.

  2. Fred Schoch

    It was very intriguing. I find myself wanting more.

  3. Fred Schoch

    On a very miniature scale I feel like after reading “Dune” and wanting the story to continue however after reading the authors continuing novel it was not the same. I found it hard to follow and lost interest quickly. I remember reading some comments by the author much later where he stated that he caved into public and publisher pressure to continue the story but his heart was not quite into it. That was my impression of what I read but the truth I learned is that you can’t write where you heart isn’t. So.. after being long winded my shortened review is “was an awsome story, enticing to my imagination”

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