Not Every Day Has Words

Photo credit: Roger McLassus and DemonDeLuxe.

Photo credit: Roger McLassus and DemonDeLuxe.

I’ve been trying to write this post all morning, but not every day has an overabundance of words.

There’s simply nothing to say. I’m neutral right now in a good way. I’m not anxious, sad, or irritated. Neither am I excited, mischievous, or happy.

I just am.

When I was a kid, my parents learned quickly to sit and listen if I had a lot of things to tell them. Soon I’d be back to my quiet self again. Words eventually fizzle away if they’re not put to good use.

Drew has grown accustomed to my waves of speaking as well. He knows that I sometimes have many of them. At other times I don’t have any.

I’m keeping this post short on purpose.

Soak up the friendly quietness.

I’ll be chatty again soon.

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