Owls Are Better Than Football

superb owlI have a confession to make: the amazing commercials (and the occasional performance from Beyonce) are the only reasons why I’ve ever paid attention to the Super Bowl.

This isn’t a judgement on how other people spend their time. I’m sure my love of stuff like the Harry Potter books is equally tedious for some.

Football is a sport that I find boring even when I’m playing it.  Sitting still and watching other people play football for hours simply isn’t something my brain is capable of doing.

So imagine how confused I was when owls started showing up on my  Twitter stream last night.

Someone – I’m still not entirely sure who – attempted to hijack the Super Bowl hashtag in order to talk about Superb Owls.

This image above was one of many graphics about how owls live and what they look like. I found them endlessly interesting because of all of the owls that were mentioned in the Harry Potter books and because this isn’t a species I know a whole lot about.

At least for me, owls are better than football.

Where do your interests lay?

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