People You Should Be Following on Twitter

I blogged about this topic a year ago. While I still heartily endorse everyone I mentioned in my first post in this series, it’s time to add some names to that list! 

The cool thing about Twitter is that you can find anything there. Some people use Twitter for one specific purpose: to advertise their business; to debate; to be creative; to share cute animal pictures.

I tweet for many different reasons, and I follow a wide variety of accounts there.  This list is a glimpse of my timeline. There were many other amazing people who didn’t make the list simply because I couldn’t have my readers wading through thousands words. My posts here are generally much shorter than that!

If there’s someone on Twitter that you’d like to recommend, leave a comment below. I’d love to check out their account.

I don’t know if 1scatteredmind is okay with people sharing her beautiful pictures and paintings on other sites, but I strongly recommend clicking through all of the links she shares to them. They blow my mind.

OlliCrusoe is hands down one of the funniest writers I’ve met online so far.

BirdBrayn always has a thought-provoking link to share. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish by any means! I either have a lot of links I want to share with everyone or nothing at all. The fact that he sends out such good stuff so consistently is amazing.

You don’t have to live in Toronto to appreciate what TPSChrisBoddy tweets. He is the most friendly and most personable public figures in Toronto that I’ve met online so far. I especially appreciate his sense of humour when he finds new and creative ways to remind people to stay safe on holiday weekends.

If you like Haiku or other forms of micro-poetry, everettpoetry is a wonderful person to follow. I  also appreciate the fact that she spends so much time sharing people’s best stuff. She’s introduced me to a lot of poetry that I never would have otherwise discovered.

What I find interesting about JeffreyGuterman is how quickly he finds out about breaking news. There have been times when he’s tweeted a link to a hot story that even my local news channel hasn’t talked about yet.

manwhohasitall makes me cringe and laugh at the same time.

There are a lot of parents out there who don’t understand social media at all. Luckily, TammySchoch and OpaRide aren’t among them! I love the fact that I can interact with my parents on this platform. It is almost as cool to see them retweet me as it is to see what kinds of interesting things they’ve found that I haven’t seen yet.

JudithAdanma‬ has had some very interesting things to say about her experiences as an artist and with Autism. She tweets about a lot of other topics, too, but these are the two things that originally drew me to her.

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