Remember the Strawberry Moon

sky-space-moon-outdoors-largeSomething is happening today that only happens once every 70 years: a Strawberry Moon. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for the vast majority of people.

A Strawberry Moon happens when a full moon occurs on the Summer Solstice. It also signifies the beginning of strawberry season. The link I shared above has many more details about where the term came from and why people like it so much.

Today reminded me of some childhood memories. There were a few times growing up when mom and dad took us outside to show us rare meteorological or astronomical events. Every time this happened they’d tell us that we’d remember those sightings for the rest of our lives.

I’ve forgotten the specific names of some of the ones that happened when I was very young, but I will always remember what it felt like to stare at the sky while we watched something special happen. It was like standing outside of time itself. Everything was quiet and still, and I felt like those moments would last forever every single time we were called outdoors to see whatever it was that was going to happen.

It’s odd to think that there are people living now who weren’t alive back when those comets flew by, those planets lined up neatly (or seemed to grow bigger and brighter for a while), or when those strange weather patterns showed us things we’d never seen before.

Someday there will be people who don’t remember today’s Strawberry Moon.

You and I will, though.

I hope you look up at the full moon tonight and soak up every detail about where you’re standing and what that moments looks like that you possibly can. Make it so vivid in your mind that you’ll be able to step back into it 50 years from now and make someone who is hearing the story for the first time feel like they’re living in a time as old-fashioned as 2016.

I’ll be doing the same thing. There are a lot of minutes in life that can be easily forgotten without losing anything important. These aren’t some of them.

Then go inside for a snack if you’re hungry. Have something with strawberries, perhaps, to celebrate the most delicious time of the year? This looks delicious, whatever it is.

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  1. Fred Schoch

    Nice article. My favorite day of the year. Unfortunately it was too cloudy here to see the moon. Hopefully we will see it tonight even if it’s a little smaller strawberry;)

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