Second Annual Survey Results

There were ten questions in this year’s survey. Once again thank you to everyone who participated.

Let’s take a look at the results.

Participants were…

Evenly divided by gender. I didn’t ask this question last year and wasn’t sure what to expect.

American. Once again the U.S. dominated the survey with over 80% of you coming from there. Everyone else was Canadian.

Younger. Last year the average participant was 40+. This year there was an even split between the 18-29 and 50-59 age groups. Interesting!

Longterm readers. 75% said they had been reading this blog for at least 18 months. I did hear from some new readers this year, though, which was really nice.

You wanted…

Pictures. Every once in a while I’ll post unique pictures I’ve found online. Many of the comments I received asked for more of these.

Forgotten heroes. I didn’t realize this series was so popular as it usually doesn’t stir up much discussion. I’ve run low on forgotten heroes at the moment but will continue on with the series as soon as I find new historical figures to profile. Suggestions are always welcomed!

Stories. ย There were quite a few comments about specific short story series I’ve done in the past. I am working on new stories and will be sharing them in the future. Some will be free, others I’m planning to sell as e-books later on this year. My biggest hurdle to getting these stories out right now is coming up with cover art and design- does anyone have a good recommendation for this?


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4 Responses to Second Annual Survey Results

  1. Shokthegerman

    Anne Goodrich does art and design

  2. Twyseschoch

    So does homie bear. and he is Canadian! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Seph

    80% American and 20% Canadian? Wow.
    Is that all the nationalities that review On The Other Hand?
    (Wow, And I don’t even fit your age demographic… ๐Ÿ™

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