September 2013 Search Engine Questions

My responses to September 2013  Search Engine queries.

Is Lisa Scottoline an Atheist?

I have no idea.

Why do I have to automatically respect elders?

Some people believe it’s important for cultural or religious reasons. I think behaviour and our common humanity should influence the respect we give to one another. Age is just a number.

The Wizard of Oz, Sat. Aug. 24 at 11pm.

I did not attend. Was it fun?

My brother-in-law doesn’t acknowledge his nephew.

So much depends on the age of the child here. A baby likely won’t notice or care, but an older kid could be quite hurt. It’s totally ok to not be a baby/child person, but  the brother-in-law should at least say hello to his nephew. I do not think he should be pressured to hold or play with the kid, though.

Is there a book written about Lou Xiaoying?

No, but if you pay me I will happily write it!

How do you get quiet patients to talk?

What would work for me:

  • Shut the door for privacy reasons.
  • Allow my spouse to stay with me.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain slowly, in detail, and a little more than you think is necessary.
  • Give me lots of chances to ask questions.
  • Understand that silence is ok.

Do non theists have morals?

Yes, of course.

Mentally ill people who yell at strangers.

They highlight the gaps in our current healthcare system. Yes, some people were once institutionalized who could have been successfully integrated into the community had they been given the appropriate support. But a lot of those support systems either never fully materialized or were very poorly funded when old institutions were emptied out.

100 years from now I think we will have very mixed feelings about how the severely mentally ill  were treated in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Our intentions as a society were good, but we basically dumped a whole lot of people who were not capable of taking care of themselves onto the streets.

My energy is charging.

My first thought when I read this search term:




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