Suggestion Saturday: April 1, 2017

Here is this week’s list of comic strips and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

Non-Mythical Beasts. If you’ve ever wished that there could be dragons in the real world, this comic strip is for you.

The Water Cycle. This was too funny.

The Non-Complaint Department via notquiteold. I absolutely loved this.

The Myth of Not Aging via RADnursing. The only alternative to growing older is to die young. I like this post’s healthy attitude to aging.

Yuval Harari on Why Humans Won’t Dominate Earth in 300 Years. While I’m not entirely sure that I agree with the premise of this article, it still challenged me to think.

Accidental Therapists: For Insect Detectives, the Trickiest Cases Involve the Bugs That Aren’t Really There. This was simply fascinating.

From A Conversation About Science via MoxieJavi‬:

As an environmentalist and a concerned citizen, it is alarming that science has become so politicized. After all, scientific inquiry is what has brought us into the 21st century and continues to teach us more about the world and universe in which we live.

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