Suggestion Saturday: April 23, 2011

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, interviews, photos and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Sun and the Moon. There’s something in this photo that I didn’t notice the first time I viewed it. Can you figure out what it is? The answer is in the text at the bottom of the link if you need help.

Zombie Boy. What stood out to me the most about this interview was how much the man who is covered in tattoos that make him look like a rotting corpse changed when the people around him began treating him with kindness and curiosity. It was not the reaction he expected!

Honest Logos. I didn’t understand all of these logos. Do you? I will say, though, that the ones I did figure out are far more entertaining to look at than the real logos they’re mocking.

Global Warming Solutions Mind Map. These are all great habits to acquire but I can’t help wondering if it would actually make a big difference even  if we could convince every household to cooperate. From what I’ve read most pollution either comes from corporations or is a result of our infrastructure. (I could be wrong about that.)

What I’m reading: Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home. It’s about a divorced couple who goes to court to determine if one of them is allowed to use their frozen embryos to have a child when the other vehemently disagrees with that plan. Fascinating stuff.

Is this photo as mesmerizing for you as it is for me? I wish I could paddle into it and see what is hidden behind the fog.

What have you been reading?


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  1. teresa

    I love the photo. I like mornings like that, and to be on the water would be even better!

    You are reading Jodi Picoult and that’s what I just finished. I read Plain Truth about an Amish girl and the court case that ensued due to her delivering a baby and the baby’s death/murder. I’ll check out the one you mentioned. This was my first for this author.

    I really liked that sand Sun and Moon…and funny, but I saw the hidden detail as soon as it popped up! Very cool!

  2. 'Seph

    My tattoo artist knows (met at a tattoo convention) Zombie Boy.
    Now he wants to get the whites of his eyes tattooed black!!

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