Suggestion Saturday: April 7, 2018

Here is this week’s list of short stories and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

How to Build Muscle as Age Tears It Down. If you’re not currently doing weight training exercises, this article might make you want to begin. If you’re already doing this kind of exercise, this article will make you smile.

Eat Like a Poor Person. I really like this method for determining what to eat because of how much freedom it gives to you to determine what your diet should look like. It can work well for vegans, vegetarians, people have food allergies/intolerances, picky eaters, travellers, and so much more. The recipe that’s included in the post looks good, too.

Kingston Book Festival 2018 – So Lit! via naditomlinson. I had to temporarily delay sharing this post with you because my Suggestion Saturday queue was so full, but I’m pleased to share it with you today. This book festival sounds incredibly fun!

Never Get Discouraged via MichaelTMiyoshi. This was such a good post.

How Lyme Disease Became the First Epidemic of Climate Change. And this article made me want to never walk in the woods again.

The Atheist Movement’s Future via ‪tmamone‬. My friend Trav wrote this, and I agree with every single word of it.

From Fixer Upper:

Now, keep in mind that we considered ten thousand planets for this season. Earth was by far the most messed up, and we think we could get some really great ratings out of it, but let’s be honest, the place needs more than a new lawn.

From Flow:

I walk like my father. He has a long, swinging stride with a bounce in the balls of his feet. A cheerful walk but not one that brooks much argument.

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