Suggestion Saturday: April 9, 2016

SwirlHere is this week’s list of comic strips, essays, and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web. I added this photograph to today’s post because I’m mesmerized by it.

Jesska vs. Her Brain & Insomnia. Who else does this occasionally?

Why Kindle Books Aren’t Evil via EllieFirestone1. It amazes me to think that some people are still suspicious of ebooks.

Can an Outsider Ever Truly Become Amish? I have never once had the urge to join the Amish. This article was a truly fascinating peek into the lives of people who do want to do this, though.

5 of the Best Industrial Style Bathrooms via mywarehousehome. This recommendation is a little off the beaten path for my Suggestion Saturday posts, but you have to check out the photos in it. They are incredible. I want a bathroom like that!

Are You a Morning Person or a Night Owl? This quiz will tell you for sure. My results say that I’m definitely a morning person. Out of a possible 86 points, I scored a 79 in favour of waking of early. That’s pretty strong.

From Why I Don’t Buy Organic, And Why You Might Not Want To As Well:

My problems with institutional organic are not at all about its founding ideals or about organic farmers, but rather about organic’s self-imposed limitations and about the ethics of a sub-set of its promoters.

From Are You Worried About Making a Mistake via aford21:

Have you ever worried about putting your work out there because you might make a mistake?

People will judge, unsubscribe from your email list, leave terrible reviews, and make you wish you’d never started?

What have you been reading?

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