Suggestion Saturday: August 5, 2017

Here is this week’s list of comic strips, short stories, and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

Protest. Climate change has been weighing heavily on mind lately. The fretful post of the figure in this week’s photo reminded me of this link.

Seven Reasons Why August Sucks via DrCarolCooper‬. I can’t stop laughing at this list. August definitely isn’t my favourite time of the year due to how it affects my seasonal allergies, but it sounds like this blogger enjoys it even less than I do.

This Is Just to Say. Don’t ask me to interpret this, but I love the imagery in it.

Why Rabbits Never Make It As Stand-Up Comics via MonsterMermaids‬. This was another link that made me laugh a lot this week.

Black Stories Matter: On the Whitness of Children’s Books. How many of you have heard about this discussion, I wonder? I’d love to see more diversity in children and young adult books.

How Not to Pack for a Holiday via joannesarginson. As someone who has perfected the art of traveling light, this made me chuckle.

From Packing:

Today is not the day I wanted to do this, but we aren’t always given choices. It’s time to pack for the new seasons.

No, you can’t stay. This place won’t be here soon. It’s already going, slipping away, each new summer tearing off strips.



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