Suggestion Saturday: December 17, 2016


Here is this week’s list of comic strips and other stuff from my favourite corners of the web. It is larger than normal because I kept finding wonderful links and I couldn’t bear to trim any of them out.

The Surprise. This modern twist on a classic fairytale made me grin.

Tis the Season for…Charity Scams via LenieHokansson. Be careful out there, everyone. Giving is wonderful, but you have to stay alert for swindlers.

Why Gandalf Never Married. I don’t read enough traditional fantasy novels to know if this is still true, but I really enjoyed how much effort Terry Pratchett put into thinking through everything logically and humorously.

The Fever’s Logic. Think of this the next time you get sick. While I hope all of us stay healthy this winter, this is a funny take on why the body responses to certain illnesses the way it does.

Grief and the Holidays via CassidySpringf2.  I hope that none of you are dealing with grief during the holiday season, but this blog post is a wonderful read if you are.

Why Do We Lie to Kids So Much? This is a short but thought-provoking read. My siblings and I didn’t grow up believing in Santa. I married someone who wasn’t raised with that cultural belief either, so the whole idea of lying to a child when he or she begins to ask logical questions about how the North Pole works has always felt weird to me.

It Matters. The final panel was the best one. I couldn’t stop laughing at it.

From Can Reading Save the Human Species? via lisaorchard1:

There are 7.4 billion people on our planet today. Keep in mind we only have one planet. According to experts, our planet’s capacity is 9 billion people. We’re living longer and still reproducing. We need to do something fast. The earth is getting crowded. So what can we do?

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