Suggestion Saturday: January 15, 2011

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Now on to Suggestion Saturday!

The Appearance of Wisdom. Where is the line between warning someone about something in their life that you consider to be (potentially?) dangerous and squelching their interests or personal development? Hop over to my friend Sarah’s blog for a fascinating discussion of this topic.

Should a Woman Hire a Sex Worker to Lose Her Virginity? I’d never considered the possibility of a woman doing this. Somehow it seems much less odd for men. I wonder why my brain makes such a distinction between the two?

From My Problem with the “Devil” and “Evil“:

Blaming a cosmic enemy takes the problem out of our hands and moves the power to fix the issue beyond our reach. When we say, “evil” is the cause, we don’t realize that we are simply tossing the issue into a catch-all pot for the things that we label “wicked” when we don’t have any other explanation.

The Working Poor at Walt Disney World. These videos take about half an hour to watch. They are worth every minute of it. Canadian workers tend to have a higher minimum wage but those at the lowest rungs face many of the same issues as the individuals in this video. There’s something deeply wrong about someone who works hard 50 hours a week not having enough money to buy medicine or food at the end of the month. The minimum wage should be high enough to cover these things.

What have you been reading?

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