Suggestion Saturday: January 17, 2015

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, pictures, and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Spring… This is about the time of year that I begin daydreaming about how green Toronto will be in a few months. I really miss the sight of  flowers, grass, and trees every winter. If you feel the same way, maybe this gorgeous picture will help.

Things to Say to Yourself Instead of the Negative Stuff. I love this.

Sex-Positive? Or Sex-Sensitive?  Do I agree with this? Yes and no. So much depends on the context of not only what is said but of the relationships we have with the people who say them. It was a fascinating read, though, and this is one of my favourite sex blogs. This link is NSFW.

Ask a Skeptic: What About Ghost TV Shows? I’ve actually really enjoyed all of the updates in this column so far, but I thought this particular letter is a good place to start for anyone who isn’t already familiar with this thought-provoking site.

From When Told You Are Not Pretty:

Don’t forget how trees shake their last leaves in winter like they’re shedding skin from the old year. Shed pretty. Shed it now. Teach yourself to replace it with heart-wrenching, brilliant, clever, artistic, unique, understanding, fighting. Always living.

From The Life Lessons I Learned from Yoga:

Sometimes the things I don’t know overwhelm me. The books I haven’t read, the questions I don’t know the answers to, and the concepts I can’t wrap my brain around crash like waves and threaten to drag me out to sea. It’s so easy to stack them up and measure myself against the pile. But if knowledge is power, so is the knowledge that there’s always more to learn.

I’ll be back next week with another book recommendation. What have you been reading?

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