Suggestion Saturday: July 15, 2017

Here is this week’s list of poems, videos, comic strips, essays, and other links from my favourite corners of the web. The picture on the left reminds me of the “Choose Peace” link on this list.

7 Venn Diagrams About Teaching via JamesTheo. This made me grin.

The Photograph: A Lynching. The imagery in this poem was chillingly detailed. Lucille Clifton is a poet I’ve recently discovered, so expect to read more stuff from her in future Suggestion Saturday posts. Her writing style is gorgeous.

I Don’t Accommodate Uncontrolled Men. My thoughts exactly.

30-Day Habit Challenge: How I Changed One Thing About Myself via ‪shyvish‬. What a cool experiment. I won’t tell you what habit she decided to break, but I will say it’s something that’s quite common.

Catcall. The only kind of catcalling anyone should do.

Toronto Poetry Map. The title of this link tells you exactly what it is. If I ever find maps of other cities that show where various poems about them were set, I’ll share them with you. It’s such a creative way to arrange poetry.

From Choose Peace via OneTovarysh:

You have a choice in how you live each day.

You have a choice in the thoughts you choose to harbor,

The feelings you choose to hold onto.

The choice is always yours

Because you have free will.

Choose peace.

Fair warning: some of the jokes in the video below are cringe-worthy. This is a nice overview of Canadian culture, though, if you’ve ever wondered about stuff like where the word “toonie” comes from, what kind of pizza we invented, or which part of Canada used to have a license plate that was in the shape of a polar bear.

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