Suggestion Saturday: June 10, 2017

Here is this week’s list of poems, essays, stories, and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

When White Privilege Isn’t White: Confessions of a Complacent Latina via ‪SandraMFalcon‬.The message in this post isn’t an easy one to hear, but that makes it even more important to listen to it. I also loved the link to We Were Made for These Times that Sandra included in this post.

No, Our Attitudes Aren’t the Problem via ‪the_author_‬. This was excellent.

What’s Broken. I’ve been sharing a lot of Dorianne Laux’s work lately, and I’m planning to share more in future Suggestion Saturday posts. She’s quite the writer.

Say, She Toy. This is one of those fabulous stories that works best if you don’t know anything about it to begin with.

Why It’s Painful to Watch The Handmaid’s Tale via ‪MarinaSofia8‬. Here’s hoping we get many more articles like this. There are reasons why Margaret Atwood didn’t put anything into The Handmaid’s Tale that hadn’t already happened before.

From Your Phone Was Made By Slaves:

Nature is willing, but the people are broken. War has shattered minds and bodies and any semblance or expectation of order; life has become a scramble for survival in a population divided between those with guns and those without. This chaos is the perfect breeding ground for slavery. When valuable minerals are stirred into the mix, the odds of a slavery outbreak are even higher.

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