Suggestion Saturday: June 24, 2017

Happy Pride to everyone in Toronto! Here is this week’s big list of comic strips and other links from my favourite corners of the web. I loved all of it, and I hope you do as well.

The Secret Gay History of the Babadook. This is a humorous essay regardless of whether you saw The Babadook a few years ago when it came out. (Yes, I wrote that sentence that way on purpose).

Anxious Extroverts. Are any of you anxious extroverts? If so, do you agree with this?

What Is Red Velvet Cake. This was such an amusing essay. I don’t have a vendetta against red velvet cake, but I do refuse to eat olives and brussels sprouts for any reason.

Her Chaos Made Her Beautiful via ‪paulineharley1‬.  I couldn’t agree with this more.

Drag Queens Lead Storytime at Edmonton Library. Okay, this is seriously adorable. What a great way to teach kids to be accepting of everyone.

Bed In Summer. My dad shared this poem with me a few days ago. I thought the rest of you would enjoy it as well.

In Defense of the Fidget Spinner via ‪BethMart07‬. Strangely enough, I haven’t heard or read about any criticisms of this  fad. I was fascinated by the idea of anyone being against something so harmless and inoffensive. It was interesting to read Beth’s defence of it, though, and to figure out whether I should spell defence with a “c” or an “s” in this paragraph. Haha!

No Religious Majority Backs Anti-Gay Discrimination by Business Owners Anymore. Wow, this is wonderful news. The U.S. is changing so fast these days.

From You Asked: Am I Grieving or Am I Depressed? via ‪HDuggalMD‬:

Grief and depression may have some overlapping symptoms such as sadness, crying, fatigue, reduced concentration, and sleep and appetite disturbances. However, grief and depression are not the same. Grief is a normal reaction to a loss whereas depression is a clinical condition.

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