Suggestion Saturday: June 25, 2016

Here is this week’s list of tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From What Straight Allies Need To Realize About Pride:

I know many of you attend Pride Parades for the fun, not for the political significance. It’s time you realized that Pride is so much fun because it’s the one day we exist in a place where people are free to be themselves. Imagine the beauty of a life where that was true every day.

Yesterday I had my first grease fire… via lizmeldon2‬. I can’t remember the last time I scrubbed out my oven. This post is making me think I should change that.

What to Grow to Survive an Apocalypse. If I had a backyard, I’d grow a lot of these foods. Would you do the same?

5 Yoga Thoughts You Should Think Right Now via YogaMatMonkey‬. This was wonderful. #2 was my favourite of them all.

Psychologists Recommend Children be Bored in the Summer. Could the same thing be said for adults? Most adults don’t get the entire summer off, of course, but while reading this I did wonder if boredom is just as good for you when you grow older.

Giving the Finger to Romance Snobs via MtnMoxieGirl‬. I couldn’t agree with this more.

What have you been reading?

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