Suggestion Saturday: June 29, 2013

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, mysteries, poems, and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Judgmental People via NoQuivering.It takes time to settle into your skin and learn how to be true to yourself even when you’re around people who can’t handle it.

I Believe I Will. How four little words spontaneously uttered in the 1880s are still affecting people’s lives today.

She’ll Forgive the Stars via dlboonstra. What is your interpretation of this poem? I’ve been mulling over it all week.

The Mystery of the Spinning Statuette. It’s entertaining to wonder if there’s a supernatural explanation for this spinning statuette, but I actually find the scientific explanation more compelling. I never would have guessed that slight vibrations could have such a big impact in this situation.

All Honest Mistakes Are Forgivable. I have mixed feelings about the specific example of forgiving mistakes that is mentioned in this link, but I deeply admire the author’s compassion.

Benham’s Disc. The lines turned green for me when I stared directly at it. They were red and blue when I looked at it from an angle.

From Why I’m Not Particularly Worried About Being Nice via Virtusetveritas:

But, I’m not the one making the rules, sadly. I spend a lot of time– most of my time, actually– talking about deeply entrenched ideas and patterns held by powerful, privileged people. I speak out against the abuse these systems perpetuate and the people who perpetuate them. However, as a woman, as a feminist, as a person who in the view of those I critique do not have the right to be listened to and heard, there’s no way for me to be nice enough.

How do you become a doctor when no medical college will accept you as a student because of your gender? In My Name is Mary Sutter, a midwife solves this question by convincing a surgeon to teach her everything he knows while they take care of soldiers during the Civil War.

I loved the vivid descriptions of illnesses and medical procedures in this book. Imagine coaching a pregnant woman through a life-threatening delivery, amputating a limb, or treating dysentery without anesthesia, antibiotics, intravenous rehydration, blood donors, or any understanding of germ theory.

What have you been reading?

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  1. vampirebeen

    I just bought ‘Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S Thompson’ and I can not wait to dig into that. After I finish ‘House of Leaves’ which is twisting my brain into knots and is mind-bendingly amazing.

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