Suggestion Saturday: March 10, 2012

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, short stories and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From Why I am a Male Feminist:

The following day, I attended a workshop about preventing gender violence, facilitated by Katz. There, he posed a question to all of the men in the room: “Men, what things do you do to protect yourself from being raped or sexually assaulted?”

Not one man, including myself, could quickly answer the question. Finally, one man raised his hand and said, “Nothing.”

Taking Care of the Basics. This is marketed to people living with serious mental illnesses but the message is universal.

From The Big Event:

From a personnel standpoint, it’s like herding cats. Delicate, finicky cats that only eat quail meat and that need silt from the Nile to fill their litter boxes.

Existential Parenting. When my youngest brother was a preschooler he used to tell us stories about what he did and thought in the womb. Specifically, he talked about “seeing red blood cells float by.” I don’t remember him ever talking about his pre-existence but this link reminded me of that story.

Some science fiction stories make you wish our world actually had their technological advancements. As comforting as it would be to (sort of) survive even the most horrific accident Her Husband’s Hands is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the technology we’d need to make that world possible.

What have you been reading?

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  1. Twyseschoch

    That’s a great poster. So simple, yet so essential to us all. And the short story was awesome!

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