Suggestion Saturday: November 19, 2011

Photo by garyjwood.

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, videos, comics, photographs and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From Back in Dallas:

Detroit always had a bit of a depressed feel, and it’s cloudy and grey so damn often it’s easy to see why, plus the 5 months of winter cold. …I wonder what others have to say about this, about where they live in comparison to other places. Have you felt this effect?

Tragedy #292. This would make a great short story. It’s also how I imagine life would be if supernatural abilities actually existed: awesome at first but perpetually boring thereafter.

Coon-Suit Riot. One of the funniest satires I’ve read in a long time. (Or at least I hope it’s satire….)

Interview with My Bully. As my parents used to say, “hurt people hurt people.”

Don’t punish everyone for one person’s mistake from Derek Sivers on Vimeo.

Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton tells the true story of a musician who was born female and began living as a man at age 19. Sexism influenced his decision – it was nearly impossible for female Jazz musicians to be taken seriously in communities he lived in during the 1930s and 1940s. But he (probably) also felt more comfortable as a man than as a woman.

Or at least that’s a theory. Unfortunately Billy Tipton never talked to his wife or children about this. I wonder what he would have said to them?

What have you been reading?


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  1. Twyseschoch

    Excellent article on bullying. And I didn’t know that “hurt people hurt people” stuck with you.

    And that pic of the raccons brings back memories of Racky my pet baby raccon from about 1976. 🙂

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