Suggestion Saturday: November 25, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers. Since my Canadians followers were given a bizarre Thanksgiving photo last month, I decided to continue the tradition for you as well.

I hope that all of your pumpkins and other squash are cooked into delicious pies and that none of them make you feel somber unless that’s actually how you feel about the idea of eating pumpkin pie. Haha!

Here is this week’s extra-large list of links from my favourite corners of the web.

6 Reasons Why I Avoid Black Friday via ‪ShykiaBell‬. I couldn’t agree with this more. It’s so much better to stay home and enjoy your fridge full of delicious leftovers unless you there’s something you really need to go out and buy on Black Friday.

Mrs. Ellis’s Pumpkin Pie: a 19th Century Thanksgiving Recipe via MimiMatthewsEsq. Nobody will ever top my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie, but this does sound amazing. Just like last month, this won’t be the only recipe I’m sharing for the second Thanksgiving edition of Suggestion Saturday. It has been so much fun finding a wide variety of them to share my readers.

Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude. This is exactly how I think of Thanksgiving as well.

8 Traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas Sides Made Vegan. There are people in my extended family who have diabetes, food allergies, food intolerances, and all kinds of other health issues that make planning a big meal that everyone can enjoy quite tricky at times. I am always in awe of how my sister-in-law manages to tweak her dishes so that everyone leaves her table with a full, happy stomach. (I really ought to tell her that the next time we’re with her for the holidays!)

Raising Turkeys for Market in the 1800s  via 18thCand19thC‬. Vegan readers, you may want to skip this post. For everyone else, I loved hearing about the free and happy lives turkeys lived in the 1800s before they were slaughtered. They were perfectly free to wander around in the woods or under their owner’s chestnut trees and eat anything that caught their eye. All animals should live these kinds of lives, I think.

Letters of Note: Unhappy Franksgiving. In 1938, President Roosevelt changed the date of when Thanksgiving would be celebrated from that year onward. Some people were so unhappy with him for doing this that they wrote letters of protest. This link includes six of them, and I thought were all funny and well written.

Thanksgiving, Special Needs Family Style. This was a very interesting peek into how a family who has a son with special needs prepares for and celebrates Thanksgiving.

Friday Favourites: Carribbean Thanksgiving via ‪naditomlinson‬. I’m drooling. Wow, this menu sounds delicious.

The Turkey Tryptophan Myth – Uncle George Keeps Repeating It. If you’re eating turkey this weekend, you may be happy to learn that it isn’t actually responsible for the grogginess many folks feel after a huge Thanksgiving dinner.

Angela’s Deep Dish Sweet Potato Pie via thekitchenista. This doesn’t seem to be a recipe that I could make dairy-free very easily, but it sure does sound good. I hope one of you who can have milk products makes it.

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