Suggestion Saturday: October 27, 2018

Happy Halloween! Here is this week’s gigantic list of blog posts, comic strips, stories, and other links from the scariest corners of the web. I’ve labelled the links that include gory content. If you have other questions about what a specific link contains, feel free to ask.

Imagine the Sound of This, but in the Night. Some people truly don’t like Halloween or the feeling of being frightened. If this applies to you, this link is the most innocent approach to “horror” I can imagine and should be 100% safe for all age groups.

Still an Elf via ‪laura_perras‬. The author of this post was undergoing treatment for cancer during the Halloween season a few years ago. I loved seeing how she found a way to celebrate that acknowledged her health struggles.

Halloween Costumes 101 via CandyKorman. I couldn’t agree with these recommendations more.

Humaine Holidays According to Cat. Are you prepared for  “forbidden chocolotes & doorbell night”? Yes, all of these words were misspelled on purpose. Click on the link to find out why.

Come Play With Us. If you’ve seen The Shining, you might be amused by what could have happened if Danny had decided to go play with the twin ghost girls he met in a hallway one day. Don’t worry, this isn’t a gory link. I would have warned you if it were.

100 Best Horror Novels and Stories. There were a lot of classic novels on this list. That was a nice surprise.

These Screaming Heads in Ontario Are a Must-Visit This Fall. No, there’s nothing gory about this link. It’s an outdoor art exhibit in Burk’s Falls.

Want to Binge Horror Movies This Halloween? Start with These Short Films on Youtube 
via audendj. Ooh, these were good. The only film on this list that had any gory ( implied or actually shown) was The Thing in the Apartment. I’m trying to straddle the line here between avoiding spoilers and warning readers about content they might be trying to avoid. If anyone needs more details than that, I’ll happily provide them.

Trees – A Halloween Short via SophiaWhitte. Go read this if you want to shudder.

Green Tea. Special thanks to Berthold Gambrel‬ for recommending this spooky story to me last month. It was delightful.

The Worst Halloween Candy, and the Best, Too. Do you agree with this list?

Smoke and Mirrors via SDJackson85. When I was a teenager, I was a little jealous of this gorgeous, antique mirror my mother had inherited from a relative. It was so large that you could stand in front of it and see your whole outfit.  The wooden frame for it was beautiful, too. That mirror came to mind again as I read this story.

Missed Connection: Knocking, Rattling. The spookiest missed connection ever.

Five Most Terrifying Ghost Stories in Ireland. Don’t you wonder how people come up with this stuff? I sure do. Be warned – some of these stories are a little grisly.

Spooky. You’ll be seeing more links from this site occasionally  in the future. I recently discovered it and enjoy its unusual sense of humour.

From Stoning Our Neighbours to Death Makes the Corn Grow High, and Elitist Liberals Should Stop Attacking This Traditional Value:

Lotteries and ritual stoning are integral parts of American life. Whether or not the lottery actually increases the yearly harvest, rural working class Americans think it does.

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