Suggestion Saturday: October 29, 2016

halloweenHere is this week’s extra large list of comic strips, short stories, essays, and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Nearly all of today’s links are about Halloween in some way because this is my favourite holiday of the year!

Must Try October Pumpkin Recipes via Remocam. These recipes are making me drool. The french toast sounds the best to me.

What 100 Calories of Your Favorite Halloween Candy Actually Looks Like. Nearly every year I buy a container of candy corn and chow down on it. What kind of Halloween candy do you like the most?

Trick or Treat.  The twist at the end was wonderful.

When Tomatoes Were Blamed for Witchcraft via atlasobscura. What will future generations shake their heads about when they read twenty-first century history? This question floated in the back of my mind as I read this article.

Deer in the Headlights via srkbear. I’d especially recommend this post to those of you who live in rural areas where there are a lot of deer.

There Are No Monsters. This made me chuckle. It’s totally what I would do if I had kids. Haha!

What’s the Origin of Jack-O’-Lanterns. While I read this article I wondered how future generations will reinterpret the things we’re creating in the twenty-first century. The meaning of something can change a lot over the course of a few hundred years.

From Gone Forever via GeoffreyDWest:

The receptionist was very nice, but she explained that there was no chance of seeing anyone. But as I walked away, I think she must have somehow sensed how I was feeling, so she said, “Look Mr Henderson, no promises, but if you’d like to wait, I’ll try and have a word with one of the doctors and see if they can fit you in.”

From The Family That Would Not Live:

In the bar the stained ­glass portraits of William Lemp, Jr., and his first wife, Lillian Lemp—the Lavender Lady—flicker to life from the lightning outside with disturbing fre­quency, the accompanying thunder coming fast afterward. It is the perfect night for a ghost hunt: the air already electric, everyone already a bit on edge.

What have you been reading?

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