Suggestion Saturday: October 6, 2012

Here is this week’s list of blog posts,videos and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From Why School Should Be More Like Summer Camp:

 Right now, students are spending nine months stressed, going through drills, memorizing things before an exam and then forgetting it. Then, they go to summer vacation. Some of the most affluent or motivated kids might be able to pull off having a very creative summer vacation, but most don’t. For most, it is just kind of lost time.

When people say, “Summer vacation, those are my best memories. That is when I actually got to do creative things. That is when we actually got to travel,” I say, yeah, exactly, that is what the whole year should be like. Make school year-round, but also make it much more like a creative summer camp.

What Your Favourite Colour Says About You. I still wonder why they left out orange. The rainbow isn’t complete without it.

Suspended Red Thread Coils Reflect the Idea of Soul Mates. This is a beautiful work of art regardless of what you believe about soul mates or the ancient Chinese legend about the red threads of our lives.

Sand Rabbit. There’s no educational merit to this link. I just thought it was cute.

Spreading the Word About the Mini Free Library. What a fantastic idea! Has it spread to your community yet?

A Raining Room You Can Walk Through. Years ago my brother’s then-girlfriend ( now-wife)  lived with our family for a while. One warm spring night a gentle rainstorm struck our small Ohio town. My brother convinced her to stand in the backyard with him and feel the rain on her face. I sat on the back porch and watched them for a few seconds when suddenly, boom. An angry peal of thunder rattled our bones as lightning lit up the evening sky. Poor Jeni shrieked and ran back to the house. I wonder if she’d ever want to visit a gentle rain room? Even though we can’t control the weather I feel like the Schoch tribe owes her a little peace and quiet to make up for that night. 😉

Two decades ago a fifteen year old girl named Tara disappeared in the woods near her parents home. One Christmas afternoon she reappears on their doorstep looking exactly the same as she did the day she vanished. Now her brother Peter must unravel the mystery behind what happened to his long-lost sister. Are the stories she tells about faeries true? Read Some Kind of Fairy Tale to find out.

What have you been reading?

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  1. tammy

    1. We have one shelf in our shared space in our apartment for give and take books. I love it.

    2. You have surprised me with another story from your childhood. Poor jeni. She married someone who is certainly not boring. 😉

  2. Aaron

    I’m halfway through “some kind of fairy tale”. Can’t put it down! I have no idea how it’s gonna end.

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