Suggestion Saturday: September 29, 2018

Here is this week’s list of links from my favourite corners of the web.

Anxious Always via JamesPackWriter. If you’ve never had anxiety, go read this. It’s a wonderful explanation of what it feels like.

How Mars Will Be Policed. I sure hope someone writes a story about this soon. There’s so much material here waiting to be explored.

How Muscular Dystrophy Shaped Me as the Person I Am Now via kerrymThompson. This was a very interesting read. I’d never randomly ask someone who had muscular dystrophy such personal questions about their life, so it’s nice to find the blog of a person who is willing to talk about it.

End Procrastination in 1 Step via Iedab. I can’t stop laughing at this.

Diagnosing the Past. This is for you, mom. You’ll love it.

‘A Lot of Hate and Bigotry Around’: Church Terminates Sign Contract Over Refusal to Post Gay-Positive Message. If you need a pick-me-up, go read this. I wonder if I would have kept attending church for many more years if I’d had access to something like this? My best guess is that I would have…. and that my deconversion would have been a happier process. As much as I love the idea of a truly LGBT+ affirming congregation, even that wouldn’t have been enough to keep me around longterm. It’s hard to say for sure without inventing a time machine, though.

Finally, I have a short assignment for all of you. Go watch Lord of the Rings (but with Mice) if you had even the slightest bit of interest in the original story. I’ve embedded it at the bottom of this post, or you can click the link above.


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  1. I love your Suggestion Saturday – both because I’ve featured in it, of course, but also because it’s nice to be signposted to some worthwhile reads. Thanks for sharing your top tips for the week.

    Tracy xxx

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