Suggestion Saturday: September 4, 2010

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, comics, articles, photos, videos and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Why Strong Female Characters are Bad for Women.

I think the major problem here is that women were clamoring for “strong female characters,” and male writers misunderstood.  They thought the feminists meant [Strong Female] Characters.  The feminists meant [Strong Characters], Female. So the feminists shouldn’t have said “we want more strong female characters.”  They should have said “we want more WEAK female characters.”  Not “weak” meaning “Damsel in Distress.”  “Weak” meaning “flawed.”

Regrets of the Dying. A must-read top 5 list. The last point was my favourite.

What Would a Nerd Wear? I’m one of the least fashion-conscious people in North America. If it fits by any stretch of the imagination I wear what I already own until it falls apart. The author of this blog also wears more dresses in a week than I’ve worn in the last five years. And yet there’s still something intriguing about this outfit.

Randy Travis – On the Other Hand. My Dad sent me a link to this country music song whose shares a title with this blog. I’d never heard the song before, but Randy Travis somehow reminds my ears of childhood. Maybe Dad played some of his other songs around the house?

Fear Not. What does Pascal’s Wager have to do with convincing a small, frightened child that there really isn’t a monster hiding beneath his or her bed? Even more importantly, is fear contagious?

This tickled my funny bone:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

What have you been reading?

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  1. Love all of the links! Thanks for sharing the best of the best! I feel like its cliff notes/highlights for slackers like me … u r a reading guru girl!!

  2. I love your saturday posts.

    the one about dying wishes was excellent.

    and the song is good old traditional country style! It brings back so many memories of Wyoming days.

  3. teresa stebbins

    I also liked the post on dying wishes. I’ve heard similar stories to that before and many times I think about the decisions I make…”will I regret this?”…It brings to mind a conversation we had with a very young up-and-coming pastor. He was newly married and they met with us to ask us about pastoring…as he was just finishing seminary and wanted to ask us questions and get our feedback. We were brutally honest. I do realize there will be those who will make that their life calling, but we strongly cautioned them. In less than a year of full time position, they had had their fill of being treated inconsiderably…completely fed up, dissalusioned, and now he’s a barrista and they are moving to CA. Fortunately his wife is an RN and makes a good living. Life is SO short. I don’t want to have regrets when I get to the end of it!

    • Lydia

      Teresa, I ask myself the same question. It’s saved me from some dumb decisions in retrospect (or at least they would have been bad choices for me personally. 🙂 )

      What, exactly, did you tell the young pastor? Inquiring minds want to know!

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