Suggestion Saturday: September 5, 2015

Here is this week’s list of blog posts and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Why Zombies Will Rule via yadadarcyyada. This isn’t what you think it is. Go check it out.

Would I Pray to Make a Religious Person Happy? Fuck No. I’ll sit quietly and respectfully while other people pray, but I totally agree with the author of this post. No one should ever be pressured to pray to someone else’s deity or deities for any reason. The very idea of it is absurd.

A House, Some Lives, Some Things…and Trying to Make Sense via maryjrowen. I’ve had many of these same thoughts after deaths in my family.

Hearing Loss and  Teens: The New Epidemic? via drheathernd. Despite the title this is good advice for everyone.

From A Stonewall Survivior Spills All:

Stonewall is practically causing riots all over again. Online protests recently erupted when a trailer surfaced for Stonewall — the upcoming Roland Emmerich-directed film about the legendary West Village uprising of 1969 that defined the modern gay movement — and it wasn’t exactly heavy on people of color, to name just one complaint about what was deemed a serious lack of inclusion.

From The Lost Summer:

“Our current school schedule has a negative impact on all kids, but it’s most devastating to the economically disadvantaged,” said Dr. David Hornak, Executive Director for the National Association of Year-Round Education, an organization advocating for shorter summer breaks.

From The New American Slavery:

Each year, more than 100,000 people from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, and South Africa come to America on what is known as an H-2 visa to perform all kinds of menial labor across a wide spectrum of industries….

What have you been reading?


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