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Mailbag #7

A reader asks: What do non-theists think of religion? I know people who love debating about it and others who never think about such things. So much depends on how that person was raised, the experiences they’ve had with theists and whether they’re actually interested in in the topic. Some love to debate/discuss this stuff, others… Read More

Mailbag #6

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update this series.  Thank you to whomever it was who thought up this question. Lurkers, please don’t be shy. I’m happy to answer anything! Recently anonymous asked:  What are your most strongly held beliefs? 1. Politics are useless. By that I mean that it doesn’t really… Read More

Mailbag #5

Anonymous asks: How do you approach someone who has a non-theistic worldview? Without an agenda. Look, we know when we’re being “courted” through friendship evangelism. It’s disheartening to be treated as a project, to be valued as a friend only if you come around to someone else’s way of thinking. Does this mean you can’t talk about… Read More

Mailbag #4

Anonymous asks: How do you find other non-theists in your community? Hello, Anonymous. Here are a few ideas: 1. Grassroots Skeptics and Atheist Nexus. 2. Visit your local university, college or community college. They often host free or low cost events – plays, musical performances, art exhibits, lectures. I’ve noticed a correlation between intellectual curiosity and a willingness… Read More

Mailbag #3

Anonymous asks: How do you respond to a friend who is asking for prayers?  Hi, Anonymous. Thank you for writing to me. Say, “you’ll be in my thoughts” if it’s at all socially possible for you to skirt around the issue for the time being. Most of time people don’t request prayers for happy, stress-free… Read More

Mailbag #2

Anonymous asks: How do you tell your extended family that you do not want to celebrate with gifts this year? Good question. My immediate and extended family has scaled way back on the annual gift exchange over the last half dozen years. Children still receive them (and my grandmother reserves the right to give presents… Read More

Mailbag #1

Anonymous asks: I’m negative. How do I fix it? Hello! Thanks for your question. As you didn’t provide any other details here are a few things to consider for the next few minutes: Are you otherwise coping with life ok? Negative thinking can be a symptom of depression, among other illnesses. I’m not a doctor (and… Read More