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Taoist Horror Movies

Believe it or not this phrase was a recent search term that lead someone to On the Other Hand. It’s one of those terms that sticks with you. I’d never thought about what a Taoist horror movie would look like or even wondered if there was such a thing. What makes a movie Taoist? Does a… Read More

The Joy of Fear

Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about our favourite horror, ghost or supernatural tales today. When I was nine or ten years old I checked a book of ghost stories out from the school library and snuck it home. Mom found it, of course. Somehow parents almost always do. 😉 I don’t remember having a conversation about… Read More

Pacifists and Horror Flicks

Despite the title, this isn’t just about watching scary movies or about nonviolence.  It’s about being incongruent.  Yes, I’m a pacifist who loves (certain) horror flicks. Fear and anticipation are a delicious elixir when one knows that they are, without a doubt, absolutely safe. I don’t like blood and gore, torture, or graphic scenes of… Read More