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Here are the answers to all of the questions I’ve received this week. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Which is the most essential ingredient: bacon, chocolate, or garlic?

Bacon. I’ve heard of it being used in everything from toffee to brownies to ingenious bacon wraps for turkey.

Do doctors usually use cologne?

Now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last time that I noticed a doctor wearing perfume or cologne. I’m sure some of them do, but I wonder if they’re more cognizant of how certain scents can trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions in other people than someone who doesn’t work with sick people all day.

I wonder how many studies have been done on this?

What are some things you recommend being skeptical about? 

Conspiracy Theories. I’m not saying that the government has never done anything shady. I just don’t think they’re quite as intelligent or crafty as they’d need to be to pull off everything that they’ve been accused of.

Strangers wearing nice clothing who stand on the street corners and politely ask you for a moment of your time. Not all of them are selling the same thing, but none of them have your best interests at heart.

Supplements. There’s currently no evidence that taking vitamins or minerals in pill form improves your health. At best, they’ll  make expensive urine for you. At worst, overdosing on certain supplements elevates your risk of certain diseases. Of course, that’s assuming that your supplements actually contain what’s printed on their labels to begin with. Hopefully no one with severe allergies has ever taken one of those “supplements.” That kind of situation could become deadly very quickly.

What would be a funny speech for a quiet person to give?

What if you stood up and silently smiled at the audience for five minutes before sitting down again?

What if you recited your speech in Pig Latin?

What if you wrote down every humorous thought you have over the next two days and then figured out a way to incorporate all of them into your talk?

What if you told a really embarrassing story about yourself as an icebreaker?

What if you told the audience that there was a hundred dollar bill taped underneath one of their chairs? What if it turned out the bill was monopoly money?

What if you made a powerpoint presentation and included a few gifs?

There can never be enough gifs in the world.

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