The Countdown to Fear the Walking Dead

We only have three days left until it airs. I’ve purposefully avoided spoilers for this show, so this post is safe to read if you’re also looking forward to being surprised by it. Everything I’m about to say is pure speculation.

Part of me is really excited for this spinoff. One of the things that is missing on The Walking Dead is an understanding of how the zombiepocalypse started as well as how things became chaotic so quickly.

You’d think that more people would have figured out how the disease is spread and how to contain the walkers early on, though. Yes, a herd of them is incredibly dangerous, but you can easily outrun or restrain a handful of them. They’re not intelligent like vampires or unusually strong like werewolves.

It’s one thing for a malnourished, exhausted character on The Walking Dead to be surprised by yet another herd. It’s quite another for someone who isn’t traumatized, still has a safe place to sleep at night and has food in their cupboards to deal with just one of these creatures.

I’m very curious to see how it all plays out. I know so little about the new cast of characters that it’s hard to imagine what the writers will do to put a world that is still (mostly?) ruled by humans in genuine jeopardy.

Will the characters be written as people who don’t have any street smarts whatsoever? This happens so often in the horror genre that I’m both expecting it and dreading it. Just once I’d love to meet a cast that has realistic reactions to unexpected events.

I certainly don’t rush to investigate spooky sounds at night or jump into the middle of a situation that I haven’t figured out yet. There’s a difference between helping someone else and putting yourself in danger before you even know what’s going on.

So I’m also hesitant. Will this be a great show? A good one? Will the characters make rash decisions that make me wonder how in the world they ever managed to survive childhood?

We will find out soon!

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  1. Sarah B.

    I have avoided hearing too much about this show as well. I also haven’t really committed to watching it. I’m still deciding. I do watch The Walking Dead, but this is mainly because I really like the characters. However,I have a low threshold for how much horror I can take and still sleep soundly. 🙂 I don’t know if I could handle watching two shows in the horror genre. That being said, like you, I’ve been wanting more details on how it all started for a while.

    • I guess we’ll find out soon. I’m really curious to see what they do with the character development. One of the few things I heard about this spinoff is that they’re (supposedly) spending a lot of time on that!

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