The Human Test

I almost stopped watching this quiz in the first minute or so of it. The questions seemed nonsensical, and I was sure that they were only going to get worse. There’s nothing wrong with being silly sometimes. I just wasn’t in the mood for that sort of thing today.

You might feel the same way at first. If so, I encourage you to keep listening. At less than five minutes it’s an unusually short TED talk.  I actually listened to part of it while surfing the web and don’t think I missed anything at all by not seeing all of Ze Frank’s facial expressions.

What I loved about his talk, though, was how it used humour to make its point. (Almost?) Everyone has experienced the same worries and odd feelings at some point.

The part where he talks about making very small changes to a text message in order to convey complex emotions was especially funny to me because I’ve been quite guilty of it in the past. (I’m trying to get better at saying what I’m actually thinking in those situations…)

What about you? Which section of this talk made you laugh the most?

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